Jumping Red lights

Motorists who jump the red light in Abu Dhabi Emirate will have to pay penalties amounting to Dh51,000, and will also have their driver licences confiscated for six months. An immediate fine of Dh1,000 is imposed on the violator, along with 12 traffic points. In addition, the vehicle is impounded for 30 days. To avoid these hefty fines don’t take any risks, if the light is amber slow down and stop, don’t try to beat the light, your bank account will thank you! 

Driving with Fog

The speed limits are modified when there is thick fog in Abu Dhabi. Weather is monitored by a ‘smart system’ that will automatically reduce the speed limit on Abu Dhabi roads and highways during adverse weather or foggy conditions. In the event of poor visibility (when visibility has dropped to less than 200 metres), the speed limit is reduced to 80km/hour and the speed cameras are also mapped to this so you will get a fine even if the normal condition limit is more than 80kms x hour. 

The modified speeds are displayed on electronic information boards — both overhead and temporary ones. The police also send out alerts on their apps and social media channels so keep your eyes open for the limits during adverse weather conditions.